Bridging the gap between health and youthful ageing

About Lean Seven

Lean Seven is a ten-week online program covering the seven major hormones that encourage fat loss, body recomposition and youthful ageing.

Our mission is to empower participants to take charge of their own health through specific lifestyle interventions and self-development principles.

"The Lean Seven program has completely transformed my life. I feel empowered having learnt what to do, how to do it and most importantly, why. I have a new level of energy, confidence, vitality and zest for life that I have never felt before. I am healthier, physically stronger, leaner and not only do I look younger but I feel younger too. This empowering program is endgame for anyone who wants to get healthy, lean and young. I no longer have to worry about falling back into old ways. The knowledge I have gained, the support and accountability I have received through the Lean Seven community has helped recreate a new-found belief in me that will last a lifetime.”

- Melissa

Lean Seven Transformations

“To educate and empower individuals on how to reclaim 

optimal health, vitality and youth.”


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Does this program really work?

Absolutely, check out our testimonials! Simply follow the guidelines to a tee and your success will be 100% predictable.

Do I need a gym membership?

Not at first, however using gym equipment will optimize your results long term.

Is there an eating plan?

There is a plethora of foods to choose from that will give you the flexibility to structure your own meals.

Will I receive help?

Lean Seven provides a personal coach who will offer support, guidance and accountability throughout your journey.

Is this going to be hard?

It’s simple but not easy.

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